CJS Securities

Grains Report

13 September 2021

Weekly Corn Continuous Close

Technically nothing has changed, the WASDE has also changed little and I don’t have much to add at this stage.

The chart remains in a corrective phase with very little movement over the last 2 weeks.   

The correction will only break with a weekly close over $6.42.

I would only consider the Bull story to be over should we have a Weekly close under $4.56.

Until then, all the deep dips REMAIN buying opportunities.

The rallies remain selling opportunities (profit taking only) and the dips remain buying opportunities (getting long)!

I REMAIN really bullish in the “big picture” but, we could easily see this market come off after trying to print $5.70, so in short you may well have the chance to get long sub $5.00!

240 Min December 21 Corn Candle Chart Close

I like this chart for a rally towards the $5.60 level after printing just under $5.00 after the WASDE last Friday.

The downside dips remain buying opportunities potentially as low as $4.70.

I REMAIN a proponent of BTD’s and take cash on the rallies until we confirm a bull market over $6.00!.


Weekly WM Continuous Close

#No Change in Commentary

All the dips are buying opportunities and after having a closer look I feel that R2800 (DEC21) will be on the very low side should we get there, however R2700 is the bottom of the range on the spot month.

My ZAR flat price view is that R3000  – R2800 will be the ultimate low should we get there and that one cannot afford to be caught short as a change of trend can occur at any moment.  


Weekly YM Continuous Close

The pullback that is transpiring is going slightly lower than my technical comfort level but all pullbacks are buying opportunities although I would not fancy a daily close under R3135 as it could give way to another R150 lower.

However this fits into the WM view.

Once the correction is over this chart will be looking to break out to the upside by R500 or more and make new MT highs.  

Weekly KC Wheat Continuous Close

 The pullback is over, this chart is a buy!


We are long and waiting to make some green (hope we don’t go home broke). 


Weekly Chicago SRW Wheat Continuous

The pullback is over, this chart is a buy!

We are long and waiting to make some green (hope we don’t go home broke). 


Daily Close KC Wheat v Chicago SRW Continuous Close

#No Change in commentary

The chart looks well headed to $0.15 in the coming weeks.

 All I can say that I would take a sneaky punt on the chart, but definitely not basket balls and all.  

Weekly SAF Wheat Continuous Close

 Once current correction is complete this chart looks set to rally over R6000 in the coming weeks. 

Daily Matif Wheat Continuous Close

I don’t have too much to say other than I have missed a few moves on this market and I am now determined to smash one out the park!

 The correction for me is over and I would buy at best with targets over €295.00.