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On the Pulse

There is a wealth of information and deciphering all the pertinent information can be a full-time job. At CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd we want our clients to make up-to-date and informed decisions, which is why we will customize relevant information to suit individual client needs – serving the right amount of information, in manageable intervals, in formats that are easy for our client to access. These can range from personal calls to weekly or monthly reports depending on the individual client’s requirements.

We are incredibly proud of CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd’s ability to access differentiated analysis and market options, which is how we ensure our clients have the upper hand when making decisions. This is one of our key strengths and keeps us a step ahead of our counterparts.

Comprehensive Report with Graphs

A detailed technical analysis of local and foreign commodities as well as the US Dollar / Rand

A daily report providing the daily parity move, a brief look at CME news,  and an overview of the South African Agricultural market and pivots.

CJS Fundamentals

A detailed report providing a weekly overview of the local and offshore market movements and news.

Weekly Exports and Imports

A weekly summary of SAGIS Export and Import Numbers.

Weekly Producer Deliveries

A weekly summary of SAGIS producer delivery numbers.

Economic Calendar

A weekly view of important economic events and predictions of their figures.

Weekly Spreads

A weekly overview of the markets calendar spreads.

Agricultural Supply &  Demand

CJS interpretation of the monthly S&D figures

WASDE Global Agricultural Supply &  Demand

An overview of the WASDE numbers.

Consumer Price Index

A breakdown of the CPI figures and what items are contributing to the change.

Producer Price Index

A breakdown of the PPI figures and what items are contributing to the change.

Gross Domestic Product

A breakdown of the GDP and what is contributing to it.


The proof is in the pudding!