CJS Securities

Oilseeds Report

15 November 2021

Weekly CBOT Soybean Continuous Close

Whether the low is in or not, as previously mentioned, only a rally and Weekly Close over $13.02 will get me excited.  

One should use the volatility to play the ranges with a bias to building a decent long sub $12.00! I hope many of you played ball sub $12.00 as we printed $11.84.

Most should be long at really good levels sub $12.00 and for those that know the crypto markets the best advice I can give right here, right now is to hold and buy more on the way down as the price action is starting to look very much like it wants to print $11.50.   

240 Min CBOT November 21 Soybean Candle Chart

In the big picture, this chart and its formation are set to rally.

The only question is, does it make a new low?

I hope you all repurchased your long positions on the last dip even though:

“I don’t like this formation and although it can trade higher this chart needs and should see another leg lower.

Keep BTD’s and play the ranges until we have a move and close over $13.08 when the bull market confirms. 

Board Crush Continuous Daily Close

This chart is mental, and all I can say is that it’s now overbought, but who knows just how high it can go, not me!

We are happy to sit out for now. 

Oil Share Continuous Daily Close

It looked like when 47% went, the market collapsed.

However, the market is seriously oversold in the ST, and I expect a kick and consolidation before seeing further downside.  

Weekly SAF Soy Continuous Close

The below commentary has not changed for weeks now, and all I can say is that you all used weakness to price.  

The chart is coming off beautifully and, with a bit of luck, could still trade as low as R6700.00.

Irrespective of the market moving, one should use weakness to price, daily!

Weekly SAF Suns Continuous Close

Based on its formation, the chart seems to be consolidating before going higher, but I would advise having no part in this as both longs and shorts could see their wallets emptied.    

Weekly CBOT Soy Oil Continuous Close

#No Change in Commentary. (steady as she goes)

I am super bullish and starting to wonder if the energy / power issues in China will transpire as the trigger for the below number to play out?

I feel the correction is done, (I feel good about this one) and all the pullbacks from here are buying opportunities with upside targets between $0.85 -$0.89!

I almost feel that we don’t have enough cash to get as long as we should, buy at best and scale down, this is budget making stuff with sprinkling of retirement!!!!  

Weekly CBOT SBM Continuous Close


I love the chart, and after confirming a low, all the pullbacks are a chance to BTFD’s!

$400 + here we come!