CJS Securities

Oilseeds Report

13 September 2021

Weekly CBOT Soybean Continuous Close

The WASDE has changed very little and the below is still in place.

This correction remains far from over and could take a good few weeks, if not months, to complete.

Use all the rallies to take profit but keep a core long as the major trend/cycle is up.

Please don’t chase this market as technically there are BULL traps being set everywhere!

If you are lucky enough to see a move sub $12.40 (November 21), own it for the LT.

240 Min CBOT November 21 Soybean Candle Chart

After printing $12.63 this chart looks set to rally to the $13.40 level, I however highly doubt this is that start of the “new” bull market and feel we should trade lower after the ST rally. 

Board Crush Continuous Daily Close

Thank goodness for Stop Profits is all I can say.

This chart is now as ugly as anything I have seen and I would stay out until further notice

Oil Share Continuous Daily Close

We are bullish and long but will put in a stop loss under 44%.

Weekly SAF Soy Continuous Close

We are looking to buy this chart further into weakness and are “hoping” (which has no place in trading) that this chart still prints R7000 in the coming weeks

Weekly SAF Suns Continuous Close

#No Change in commentary.

The chart has nice weekly double tops and we should see a decent pullback from current levels.

However this pullback will be a buying opportunity as the bull market is far from over.

I would to buy scale down from R9550. 

Weekly CBOT Soy Oil Continuous Close

#No Change in commentary

Head on a chopping bloke, the correction looks over!

If I am correct and the correction is done (if feel good about this one) the upside targets will be between $0.85 -$0.89!

I almost feel that we don’t have enough cash to get as long as we should, buy at best and scale down, this budget making stuff with sprinkling of retirement!!!!  

Weekly CBOT SBM Continuous Close

#No Change in commentary.

My “fugly” dog that I love so much is taking forever and a day, but I still feel that all dips are buying opportunities.

I remain in love with this chart even though right now it’s in conflict with my SBO view.