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Oilseeds Report

Weekly CBOT Soybean Continuous Close

This market has us all on edge all the time with massive ranges and swings big enough to give even the most seasoned of traders a mini-stroke.

 This correction is far from over and could take a good few weeks, if not months, to complete.

 Use all the rallies to take profit but keep a core long as the major trend/cycle is up.

Let the market come to you, and don’t chase it, as dogs that chase cars end up being run over.  

 If you are lucky enough to see a move sub $12.40 (November 21), own it for the LT.

240 Min CBOT November 21 Soybean Candle Chart

The previous road map had the leg up we are currently experiencing, but I am skeptical we will come much lower in the MT than $13.75 once the ST Bull run is over.

 I would buy a daily close over $14.20 as there should be a $0.80 rally after that.


On the downside, remain square until we see a move sub $13.58 as then, and only then, will it be worth trying to pick a bottom.   

Board Crush Continuous Daily Close

Great breakout, the view has been good, and I can’t find any reason for the chart to stop before $1.34!.

 I don’t have any new views as our patience counted for very little on this chart as now we will need to continue waiting.


I only hope we don’t wait as long as England has for a 2nd major football trophy!   

Oil Share Continuous Daily Close

“The levels have worked well, although I am sure most of you are 15 years older!

The trend is well intact, and we are happily long at 46%, as we feel targets will be north of 50%.

 Let’s see how my “buy and retire” ages. – looks effortless, was super tough, and will pull this next week.  

Weekly SAF Soy Continuous Close

If only all road maps worked this well, I would use any further strength to take some cash off the table and see how the chart plays out.

 Momentum traders, good luck with this one, and all I can say is wait for the deep pullbacks to get long.  

 R7000 – R6600 should provide some outstanding support and would be the buying opportunity of 2021 IMHO.  

Weekly SAF Suns Continuous Close

Another one following the road map nicely, but I don’t trust this market and would definitely use strength to price.

 I would not get sucked into buying bullish momentum, and patience is the key here when needing to buy!  

 I don’t like this chart overall!

Weekly CBOT Soy Oil Continuous Close

The correction seems to be playing out as per the road map, and I would profit from the rallies until further notice!

 I feel that this correction will play out over many weeks, if not months and that waiting for the market to come to you is the key to putting together a decent long position at the proper levels.


Sub $0.50 is still on the cards.

Weekly CBOT SBM Continuous Close

Firstly, we have seen a great kick off the lows, but this means little in the bigger picture as technically, and sadly, this chart should fail to make new highs and peak around $440.

 I still love this chart – I sound like a man with Stockholm syndrome, help!!!