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Need an extra smart algo? We have Mercury...

CSJ Securities (Pty) Ltd has developed its own trading platform Mercury that allows you to trade the dollar and the commodities simultaneously with no slippage. The on-the-go system has been built with the speed of execution in mind and makes use of the latest execution technologies.
Our dollar rand pricing is one of the most competitive on the global market, making use of institutional rates. To top it all off, we can book currencies into future derivatives for settlement. Within our Mercury platform, we developed a unique dollarised dollar-based algorithm that provides the opportunity to trade and view South African commodity products in dollars.

We have heaps of experience

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd  has a team of dealers with a combined 30 years of experience in highly competitive and volatile financial markets. Our experienced team, coupled with a good understanding of client needs and a track record of effectively executing transactions, assures clients that their hard-earned capital is in good hands.
To further assist their clients, CJS Securities have developed bespoke trading and investing tools giving insights into markets and access to real-time, online trading platforms and derivatives listed on the JSE or direct contact with dealers to execute transactions.

The Nitty-Gritty

Portfolio diversity beyond traditional securities is critical, however, is there a concern with the market volatility?
Commodity Derivatives
CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd provides a platform for price discovery and efficient price risk management as tend to move in an unrelated manner to equity. Markets Commodity Derivatives provide an alternative market in times where stock market volatility is high.
Risk-averse but still want to earn a return from hedging against share price fluctuations?
CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd can invest in Equity Derivatives on their client’s behalf, by constructing and offering a wide variety of strategies and products, which allow their clients to pass on the risk, but still, allow for a healthy investment return. These are done on single stocks, a customized basket of stocks, or an index of stocks
Opportunity to reduce
foreign exchange?
Currency Derivatives
CJS Securities (Pty) provides access to foreign currency through the use of derivatives and options, allowing clients to hedge against currency risk, speculate on foreign exchange rates and diversify internationally.

Want to get to know us?

CJS Securities (Pty) Ltd was established in 2002 and has become more than just a highly specialised broking company. CJS Securities is the go-to place for relevant global information, industry updates, where market knowledge is exchanged, and forming strong lifetime relationships.
Over the years of operating as a specialised business, the team at CJS Securities have become highly regarded experts who primarily focus on commodity, currency and equity derivatives listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
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